Hello! I’m Jamie

Content Creator.

Strategic Thinker.

Creative Doer.

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My Passion For Storytelling

Storytelling has been integral to the human experience throughout history. Not only are stories a form of entertainment but they pass down knowledge, wisdom and values. The power of stories and their boundless impact has always fascinated me. My passion for storytelling comes from the innate desire to challenge our beliefs and question what we think we know. I believe it’s a powerful tool to dissect these notions, drive change, inspire and empower. As a journalist and content creator, I ensure this is reflected in everything I do. I am an extremely versatile and highly skilled writer whose made an impact with my work at Live Mag, Red Bull Amaphiko and Independent Media. I pride myself on my ability to capture the reader and make them feel. And although it has many labels like content creator, content producer, journalist, writer or blogger; at the core I’m a storyteller trying to make a difference.


Varsity College

2012 – 2014

BA Corporate Communication

Wynberg Girls’ High

2007 – 2011

National Senior Certificate

My Experience

July 2017 – Present:
Customer Service Associate at Amazon 

November 2015 – April 2016:
Journalism Intern at Independent Media 

February 2015 – July 2015:
Editorial intern at Live Mag

June 2013 – July 2013:
Public Relations intern at Ogilvy & Mather

My Recipe For Success

Research & Sub-editing

  • Your Title Goes Here 84%


  • Your Title Goes Here 80%

Social Media

  • 87%


  • Your Title Goes Here 81%

Content Creation

  • Your Title Goes Here 82%

Creative Doer

  • Your Title Goes Here 90%

Sometimes I Write About…

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